Mount Zion

by Fr. Joseph Gill

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I like the titles of some of the classic books of the spiritual life. I liked the name of St. John of the Cross’ Ascent to Mount Carmel (I never read it) but I had no great devotion to Carmel, so I initially wanted to call this album Ascent to Mount Zion. My family convinced me that this was too wordy, so it was shortened to Mount Zion. Theologically, this is rich because Mount Zion was the site of the city of Jerusalem in Israel, the place of the worship of God. Mount Zion also symbolizes the Heavenly Jerusalem where we will worship before His eternal throne for all eternity in paradise.


released March 1, 2008

Joseph Gill - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboard, bass, vocals
Anita Gill - vocals (Tracks 1 & 4)
Charles Gill - vocals (Tracks 1 & 4)
Cathy Gill - photography & graphic design
Michael Silloway - photography
Mark Eaton - harmonica (Track 2) & graphic design
Dcn. Kevin Regan - vocals (Track 10)
Mark Misulia - drums & percussion
Kate Romero - violin
John Malloy - viola
Hillary Horner - vocals (Tracks 8 & 11)
Francis Horner - flute & tin whistle
Rebecca Buccheit - harp
Fr. Greg Thompson - electric guitar (Tracks 7,8,9)
Doug Jackson - sound technician
Jody Horner, Wally Horner, Gordon Horner, Eleanor Horner - Crowd & Handclaps



all rights reserved


Fr. Joseph Gill Bethel, Connecticut

Born in 1984, Joseph Gill grew up in a musical family. His father taught him piano from a young age, and his mother often sang in the church choir. He began writing songs very young, honing his skill further when he received his first guitar. After his conversion, he dedicated his life and his songwriting to the Lord. Fr. Joseph Gill was ordained a Catholic priest in May, 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Open Up the Doors
Open Up the Doors (No MM)

Open up the doors, open up your eyes
Let the Spirit blow right through you
Open up your mind, let your soul be free
Let His Spirit come transform you now.

His love is so amazing, I can hardly believe it’s true
There’s something so unchanging ‘bout what He’ll do for you

I know you’re feeling lonely, need a breath of fresher air
He’ll give you grace if only you say a prayer.

Surrender to the ever-living One
Who warms your soul with rays bright as the sun
Track Name: The Journey Continues
The Journey Continues

What am I doing here In the middle of nowhere When can I learn the exile’s over, when can I go home I send a dove from the mountaintop She’s soaring, but my spirit’s not When can I learn to fly unto the sun?

This path I tread is growing long But I rely on Christ who makes me strong I’ll dance and sing ‘till the day I’m new For this path, I pray, leads me to You.

By the mountain streams I trod, Drinking from the life of God My food the will of Him whom I pursue The path leads deep into the wilderness I trust that Christ is Lord of this For though I’m alone, I’m not deserted anymore.
Track Name: Libations

An olive growing on the tree
Is picked and trampled down by Thee
The oil of gladness flows to the earth
The olive crushed brings forth new birth

Unless a grain falls down and dies, it remains but a single grain.

I am being poured out like a libation
Emptied from the inside, that I may be filled again
With Your Holy Spirit, fill my soul to overflowing
With Your Holy love…I am Your libation.

You tread the winepress of my soul
I pray Your wine will make me whole
Libations poured for thirsty men
Use me to make them whole again.

I will become a living sacrifice if
You will become my one and only prize that
The world may be transformed by living in Your light.
Track Name: Stillness (Psalm 131)
As a child has rest in its mother’s arms, even so my soul Trust in the Lord, O Israel, forever more

O Lord, my heart is not proud Nor haughty my eyes I have not gone after mysteries Nor marvels that are beyond me.

Truly I have set my soul In silence, and peace. As a child has rest in its mother’s arms Even so my soul.

Like the deer that longs for running streams, my soul yearns for You My heart aflame with love for You, the living God.
Track Name: Broken Unto You
Broken Unto You (MM = 108)

I’m broken, but I seek Your face
Wounded, Your healing grace
Empty, Your saving cup
Fallen, You pick me up, pick me up.

I’m trusting in a grace I cannot feel
Not knowing if Your love is even real
I come with wounds that only You can heal.

Before Your table Lord I humbly kneel
And beg for crumbs from Your most sacred Meal
I wait the day Your glory is revealed.

I search the sacred writings for something that’s igniting
To light my soul on fire with the taste of sacred love
And I will keep on hoping, until the door is open,
And I will keep on praising ‘till I’m made new.
Track Name: I'm Ready
I’m Ready (MM = 88)

Lord, I’m willing and this time I’m ready
My legs are trembling but Your grace is steady
You give power to the frightened and Your strength to the weak
You give grace and peace to all who seek
They who wait on the Lord shall rise up strength
On the wings of the eagle they shall run at length
They will walk through the mountains and will not grow faint
And the Lord shall be my ever-living strength.

Lord, You’ve put me in a battle I’m not strong enough to fight
And I’ve seen might makes right in this life without light
But though an army camp against me, no evil should I fear
For Your rod and Your staff and Your grace is ever near
But still with hope beyond all telling I can’t help but be afraid
For You of all should know that it’s of dust that I have been made
And though I want to give control of my soul to the One I seek,
You know the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

The Lord is a warrior, Lord is His Name!
He is strengthening my heart and I will never be the same
And my foes never know that it’s the Lord Who’s got my back
And they will stumble and fall when they make their attack
So if this is my creed, then why have I trembled
When I see the world in armor, for battle assembled
Should be no fear, nowhere near, persevere to what’s true
When I fall on my knees and cry, “Lord, I trust in You!”

So with courage at hand and the Lord at my side
I will fight the good fight until the day that I die
With holiness as my breastplate and faith as my shield
And the Sword of the Spirit as the weapon that I wield.
And though I fear of how weak and how fallen I can be,
I gotta respect and reflect Your power made perfect in me.
For You are God and I am not, how can I question Your ways
And You have promised to be with us till the end of our days.
Track Name: We're Christians (Or That's What We Claim)
We’re Christians (Or That’s What We Claim) (MM = 106)

I don’t know how to tell you, so I’d better start
We’ve got to change our life
We say we’re Christian but we’ve got divided hearts
But God can end this strife.
Christ has no words but ours, no lives to spread His truth.

I can see clearly now that they’re looking at us
Trying to find someone to blame
So we must live the life, it’s so obvious
‘Cause we’re Christians, or that’s what we claim
And we live for the love of His Name.

If we don’t change our lives to be a sign of contradiction,
They’re gonna lose their faith.
We can lead them to seek things of evil, or we could be
An avenue of grace.
Christ has no words but ours, no lives to spread His truth.

And I wonder if our hearts are truly pure
And I wonder if God’s wanting something more.
Track Name: Song of Joy
I'll sing of the love, perfect love that is true The love that I've known from my youth I sing in thanksgiving for all that You do I sing of the joy that is You.

Your love is unending Your Blood is proof That I am forgiven All praise to You.

Your mercy, unfailing From age to age All nations sing together Love that knows no end

Generations shall sing Your praise As time will cease and pass away Your love is present day by day, my God.
Track Name: I Look At You
Everyday I look at you, and realize what I’ve missed
All those things you do, I shouldn’t have dismissed
But what else can I say, I’ve chosen the better part

And I look at you again, to see what I’m losing
That’s when I really know, I know what I’m doing
I’d gladly give it all up to see you contented
For both our greater goods is what I’ve intended
Every time I look at you.

To see you ‘round me always breaks my heart
This hole inside with what shall I fill it?
I thought I’d never bear for us to be apart
But this love I have for you is starting to bear fruit.

I see there’s something there, supernatural
And through my pain, I shall care, I shall care for you
For though you won’t be mine
I shall always love you
Every time I look at you.
Track Name: I Cannot Offer You
I cannot offer You an unsullied robe
For I have killed my soul time and time again
I cannot offer You a sacrifice of gold
Prized so highly by the sons of men.

But with a contrite heart and a humble spirit
Let my poor soul be received
As a fragrant gift like incense in Your house
In Your mercy I believe.

I cannot offer You penitential flesh
For I am weak and frail of body and soul
I cannot offer You sorrow-laden tears
For I am obstinate and feeling so cold.

I believe in the promise of love, that covers my sins
I believe in the mercy of love, and newness within.
Track Name: Holding On
Holding On (MM = 76; MM Bridge = 88)

Falling leaves, wandering dreams
Love can seem so far away now
Wanting to know, if I let go
Who’s holding on, who’s got my back now?

I’m holding on to You, ‘cause You’re all I’ve got left
In sorrow I leave, while everyone slept
But the truth is You’ve called, and tomorrow I’ll die
For You to rise to life.

Flowers bloom in the crystal moon
But I know soon it all fades away
Lives will end, but still, my Friend,
I’m holding on – I won’t let You go.

This is the final song I’ll sing,
For You, my God, are everything
I long to see You in my grasp
For now I have the peace at last
For bound to You my soul is free
I’ll praise Your Name eternally
And I’ll continue holding on
And I’ll sing the notes of this last song.